Have you ever wished your dog could talk to you? Have you found yourself wondering what your cat is thinking when she sits staring out the window for hours on end? While you probably cannot become the next Dr. Doolittle and literally talk to the animals, there are things you can do to improve your ability to communicate with your pets, making your home a much more pet friendly place to be.

The first step is to pay attention. How does your pet act when he is comfortable, such as right after he has eaten? What about in situations where you know he is agitated, like at the vet? These body language clues can then be translated into situations where you are not sure what the animal is feeling.

Next, put out of your mind any silly notions that you can literally talk to the animals. This only happens in the movies. However, do not be afraid to talk to your pet as if he can understand you. While the actual words may not be understood, your tone of voice will be, and your pet can learn a few phrases and commands from frequent communication.

Finally, whenever you are trying to communicate with your pet, remain calm. Even if you are in a situation that lends itself to strong emotions, keep your voice and your demeanor calm. Your pet will respond much better to your attempts at communication if you are not ranting and raving.

With these tips, you can start communicating with your pet in a more pet friendly, positive manner. Soon, you will be able to live in harmony with fewer struggles, simply because you understand each other.

Talking to the Animals: Improving Your Pet Friendly Communication Skills,

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