If you’re considering a ski vacation, don’t assume that you have to leave your pet behind. With the right resort and some forward planning, you can enjoy a ski vacation with the entire family. There are plenty of great ski resorts especially in British Columbia where you can enjoy a sunny day on the slopes. Whistler, Mt Seymour, Mt Washington, Sun Peaks, Fernie, Kimberly and Revelstoke all offer pet friendly accommodations where you can ski with the kids, take long snowy walks with the family and dog or just have a family evening around a warm crackling fire. There is always something to do when you book a pet friendly family ski vacation.


Choose the Right Resort


The key to a fun ski vacation with pets and kids is choosing the right resort. First, look for one that is pet friendly, so you will be a welcomed guest when you bring your pet. After all they are part of the family and many resorts encourage you to bring your pet with you if it makes your stay more enjoyable. Since you can’t take your pet on the slopes, consider finding a resort that has a kennel or pet sitting service or allows you to leave your pet in the room while you are enjoying skiing. Also, look for a resort that has some open snow play areas where you can take the kids and dog to play and go for walks in the snow.


Don’t Forget the Kids


Similarly, look for a resort that offers activities and classes for the kids. This will ensure that your kids get to have a great time, while also giving you the option to spend some time on the more challenging slopes while your kids are entertained and supervised.


Keep Safety in Mind


Winter weather can be dangerous for pets and kids if you aren’t careful. Make sure you take precautions to protect your pets form the elements. Keep them warm, fed, exercised and entertained and you can enjoy a great ski vacation together. The same goes for kids. Keep kids bundled up well when they are out in the snow.


Don’t forget to plan some down time. Spending some time around the fire in your private cabin (with some card or board games) your kids at your side and your dog at your feet is a great way to relax on a winter vacation.


Plan your time so you can spend some days on the slopes but don’t forget to take the time to really enjoy your entire family…..and that includes the pup!


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A Ski Holiday with Pets and Kids,

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