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Little-Known Facts About Cats


Have you ever looked at your cat and found yourself wishing you could see inside his head to know what he is thinking? Do you want to be certain you are giving your cat the best possible care? If so here are some fun facts to add to your knowledge base and that you should know about your cat.


  • Cats are great jumpers, jumping up to seven times their height.
  • Cats cannot sweat as they have no sweat glands.
  • A kindle is a group of kittens, whereas a group of adult cats is called a clowder.
  • Cats make around 100 vocal sounds.
  • Cats have scratchy tongues to hold their prey in place when they hunt.
  • Cats can fit through tiny spaces because of their flexibility, including a pelvis and shoulders that are attached to the spine quite loosely.
  • Cats have longer memories than dogs, monkeys and orangutans. They can remember something for as long as 16 hours.
  • At a full sprint, a cat can run at 30 miles per hour.
  • Take a look at your cat’s toes. He has three on the front feet, but only four on the back.
  • Your cat’s nose pad is as unique as your fingerprint.
  • If you have a calico cat, chances are high she’s female. If it is a male cat, he is likely sterile. The calico color is closely linked to the female X chromosome.


The next time you are playing with your cat, remember these interesting tidbits. It just might help you appreciate your furry companion a little more.

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