The Council of Tourism Associations of BC (COTA) is a federation of organizations and businesses representing an industry of more than 18,000 tourism businesses throughout British Columbia. As the voice of the tourism industry, COTA works with government, the business community, media and the industry to create a positive working environment in which tourism businesses can grow and thrive.

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The Value of Tourism in British Columbia
Following is a snapshot of what the tourism industry means for our province:

British Columbia hosts more than 22 million overnight visitors a year, and generated $8.9 billion in revenues in 2003.
Tourism is a labour intensive industry, employing 267,000 British Columbians (117,500 directly), and has been one of the fastest growing industries over the past decade.
The tourism industry returns approximately $1 billion to the provincial treasury in the form of taxes and fees every year.
The latest GDP analysis shows that tourism accounted for $5 billion of British Columbia’s total GDP, an increase of 33.7 per cent over 1991.
Tourism is the second largest earner of export income for the provincial economy, after Wood Products.

The Council of Tourism Associations of BC (COTA),

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