The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada (PIJAC Canada) was formed in 1988 to represent and protect the interests of the Canadian pet industry. PIJAC Canada’s goals are simple: to promote and represent all segments of the pet industry, to establish appropriate and generally accepted standards of care, and to promote the importance of pets to Canadians.

This means two things. First, PIJAC Canada advocates on behalf of pet industry businesses when municipal, provincial or federal governments are poised to make decisions that can affect their way of life or the very survival of their business.

Second, PIJAC Canada gives companies the to help a business thrive. In addition to being a respected source of information and expertise, PIJAC Canada offers educational materials and programs designed to improve employee knowledge and help them make better decisions.

Protecting pet industry businesses
At PIJAC Canada, the first goal is to educate the decision makers. As well, PIJAC Canada offers lawmakers a municipal-bylaw template that addresses everything from the regulation of exotic pets to the control of dangerous animals.

Providing the tools to succeed
PIJAC Canada’s Certified Companion Animal Specialist (CCAS) program is the most comprehensive and well-respected course of its kind in Canada. Designed to teach pet owners, hobbyists and professionals about companion-animal husbandry and veterinary care, the CCAS program can both improve knowledge and enhance a business’s image within the community as a pet-care professional. PIJAC Canada also offers a variety of marketing and business seminars and workshops.

Keeping the industry informed
Each year, PIJAC Canada hosts a series of pet-industry trade shows and conferences across Canada. Unique in their structure and their ability to bring together the most important people in the pet industry today, each one offers a perfect opportunity to meet Canadian distributors and develop working relationships with other industry players. As well, PIJAC Canada offers a variety of information sheets, brochures, posters and a quarterly newsletter that delivers news of industry trends, legislative proposals and regulatory activity that affect the industry. In addition, PIJAC Alerts and PIJAC Updates are distributed when emerging or breaking issues need the immediate attention of the membership.

PIJAC Canada is the voice of the Canadian pet industry.

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada (PIJAC Canada),

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