What You Need to Know When Adopting A Rescue Pet



One of the most rewarding things that anyone can do is take home a rescued pet. In order to make the experience go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, it’s important to arm yourself with the right information so you can make the best decision for you, your family and your new best friend.



* The Pet’s Energy Level

This often overlooked consideration can drastically affect the relationship you have with your pet. In terms of energy, choose a pet that has an equal to or lower energy level than your own. Play with the cat or take the dog out for a decent walk to see how he behaves, and ask the foster parents or staff at the shelter about the pet’s energy levels outside of confinement.



* The Pet’s Responsiveness

This is another good reason why the pet should be given the chance to exercise and work off some energy before you begin assessing whether or not he is the right fit for your home. After your pet has had a good bout of exercise, interact one on one with the pet to see how well he responds to you.



* The Pet’s Breed

Though you should never generalize the behaviours of a pet based solely upon his genetic make up, it is a good idea to know the dog’s breed or breeds. This will give you clues as to how much care, stimulation and exercise the pet may require.



Consider Fostering

The most ideal solution to successfully adopting the pet is to foster him first. This will give you the time to really know whether or not the pet is right for your family and your lifestyle.

Tips For a Successful Adoption of a Rescue Pet,

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