Top Pet NamesIf you’re adopting or buying a new pet, the first order of business will be to give that pet a name. Before you do, you might want to consider what names are “hot” this year, and which are not. Here are the most popular pet names that came in 2012.

Popular Names for Dogs

If you have a male dog and name him Max, he’s likely to have many friends at doggy school with the same name, because for the past seven years this was the most popular boy dog name. For girls the top name is Bella, which became popular when the Twilight series hit the shelves. Other popular names for girls include Lola, Molly and Lucy. Male dogs are often named Buddy, Rocky and Cooper. Bailey was popular for dogs of both genders.

Popular Names for Cats

Interestingly, in 2012 the top cat names for male and female cats were the same as with dogs. Bella and Max were the top of the list for popularity. After those, females were often named Luna, Kitty and Lucy. Male cats boasted names like Tiger, Simba and Oliver.

Whether you choose one of these popular names or something of your own choosing, naming your pet is an important decision. Take the time to find the perfect name, because you will be calling it for many years.

Top Pet Names for 2012,

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