Flying with petsFlying can be unpleasant at the best of times but flying with a pet in tow can sometimes be especially nerve racking and costly. Avoid the standard pitfalls of traveling the friendly skies with Fido and Fluffy by being prepared and aware, and choosing your pet friendly airline carrier wisely.

Firstly, not all airlines accept pets on board, regardless of size. Check prior to booking those non-refundable tickets to ensure both you and your furry friend will board safely and soundly. Some airlines will allow pets in the main cabin as long as their carriers are airline approved and fit within the space under the seat in front of you. Other airlines require that all pets be stowed in a kennel in the cargo area which can be a noisy and traumatizing experience, so consider this before boarding your flight. Some veterinarians recommend sedating pets before air travel, while others vehemently warn against it, so consult your animal practitioner to see which option is best and safest for your best furry friend.

Some airlines restrict pet travel all together at certain times during the year due to high travel traffic or extreme weather conditions (Pugs flying to Aruba in July, for example). In fact some airlines have banned certain breeds from flying altogether including Bulldogs, Pugs and other short snouted breeds due to breathing concerns. Research breed restrictions first before choosing an airline, and speak to your vet about the risks associated with travel if you have one of these brachycephalic breeds.

If stowing your pet in the cargo area just doesn’t sit well with you, consider an alternative such as specialty pet carriers or animal transport companies. These cater specifically to pets and guarantee that your dog or cat will arrive safely and soundly at your destination, but note these carriers can be costly, so research your options carefully.

Keep in mind when considering air travel with pets that you have many options available to suit you and your pet’s needs, so do your research. Or, better yet, let us help you do it! Contact us today and let Pets Can Stay take the guesswork and worry out of planning your pet friendly travels!

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