Bet you never thought that rafting down the Bow River in Calgary would be one way to see the city of Calgary but it is totally doable and so much fun. The water is a bit fast and cold, sturdy rafts are required rather than tubes, and lifejackets are mandatory with a hefty fine if you are see not wearing one.


The most efficient way to access the river is to leave a vehicle where you plan to exit and drive the second one with your gear to the entrance point. Some rafting companies also have shuttle services and are very well equipped to accommodate all your needs. Lazy Day Raft Rentals, University of Calgary Outdoor Center  and The Paddle Station are highly recommended and can get you on your way.


After checking the weather reports , grab your furry friend,  wear sturdy shoes, carry a bailer, a throw rope, a whistle and an extra paddle….and of course : the car keys!

The right side of the river is quite rocky in places so stay in the middle of the river or to the left and if in doubt head for the nearest bank. Be prepared to paddle especially around bridges.

Plan, be safe and enjoy! It is a blast!


Want a Novel Way to See the City of Calgary?,

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