What not to give your pet at ChristmasHow to Choose a Great Gift for Your or Someone Else’s Pet


At Christmas, many pet owners find themselves searching for the best Christmas gift for their furry companions. While pets don’t expect a gift, and can live perfectly happily without one, it is nice to give something special to the family members that give so much joy to us. As you are shopping for Christmas gifts, make sure you avoid these choices, and opt for something that will be a better fit for your pet.


Christmas-Themed Treats


Most big box stores sell a variety of dog bones in the shape of Santa hats and candy canes. While these look cute under the treat, they may be filled with dye and toxic ingredients that will upset your pet’s tummy. Instead of giving these festive-looking treats, consider giving an extra helping of a treat you know your pet loves and can tolerate well.


Cheap Toys


If you want to give your pet a new toy, choose a quality one. Cheap toys will simply get shredded quickly, and often they have small parts inside that are a choking hazard.


Pet Clothing


While some pets tolerate being dressed up well, most would prefer to enjoy their own fur. Don’t buy pet clothing unless you know the pet is one who enjoys wearing clothes. Otherwise, you may have nothing more than a pile of pet outfits that simply never get used.
What to Give Instead


If you want to give your pet a present, buy something you know the pet will use and love. A treat that the pet already enjoys, a new pet bed, a new collar and leash, or a durable toy are all great options. Keep it simple and meaningful, and the gift will get far more use.

What NOT to Give During the Holidays – the Pet Edition,

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