What to look for when booking a pet friendly hotelBooking a Pet Friendly Hotel? Ask These Questions First!

When you are planning a pet friendly travel experience, one thing to consider is your accommodations. Like with other aspects of your hotel choice, choosing the right accommodations for you and your pet requires some research ahead of time. You need to be certain that the hotel not only will be comfortable for you, but also for your animal companion. These questions will help you make this determination.

What Will I Pay?

Many pet friendly hotels charge a fee for pets to stay with them. Sometimes this is just a small cleaning fee or a refundable deposit in case of damage, but some locations will charge very high fees just for bringing your pet. If possible, find a pet friendly accommodation   option that offers reasonable fees, or, better yet, one that charges no fees at all or refunds fees if there is not damage in the room.

Do You Restrict the Pets Allowed in the Room?

A pet friendly hotel is not necessarily a cat friendly hotel. Many hotels that are pet friendly are specific in the type of pet they accept. If yours is not a dog, you need to ask. Also, a dog friendly hotel may limit the dogs that are allowed based on breed or size. Knowing this ahead of time is important so you do not have a sad surprise on your arrival.

Does Your Location Have Pets on the Property?

Some smaller lodging options, specifically bed and breakfast style properties, may have what is called a “resident pet.” These are pets that live at the property and belong to the owners. They often mingle with guests. If there is a resident pet, you need to know about it and determine if your pet can stay there in peace. Traditional hotels typically do not have resident pets, but if yours is a locally owned property, you should probably ask just to be sure.

What Kind of Room Is Available?

Pet friendly hotels often designate specific rooms for guests with pets. This helps them cut down on the cleaning costs, and also gives them pet-free rooms to offer to guests with allergies. These rooms also often are on the main floor so you can easily take your pet outside when the need arises. If you are looking for a room with a specific type of amenity, such as an in-room kitchen or Jacuzzi, make sure that you can get one of these rooms when traveling with your pet.

Do You Offer Special Services for Pets?

Hotels that truly accommodate pets will offer special perks for pet guests like bedding, food and water bowls, waste bags, exercise areas and valet services, such as pet sitting.
Ask about these before you book your accommodations. If a lot of these pet-friendly  services are offered, you have probably found a truly pet friendly hotel.

What Rules Regulate Pets at Your Hotel?

Some pet friendly accommodation options give pets free reign of the property, within reason of course, while others are strict about kenneling and leashing your pet. Find out what the rules are before you book your stay, and make sure that you are comfortable with them.

Are There Areas We Can Go Off-Leash?

You may want the freedom to take your pet off leash while you are staying at the hotel. Find out if there are grassy areas or pet exercise areas where this is allowed. If the answer is no, then ask if there are any nearby dog parks you can access during your stay. The answers to these questions will help you determine if you have chosen the right pet friendly hotel. If you have more than one at your disposal, ask these questions about all of them, and then you will find the perfect one for your unique needs.

What to look for when booking a pet friendly hotel,

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