What Your Pet Would Say to You?Ever wonder what is going on in your pet’s head? While you might be quite skilled at watching and responding to body language cues, there are still times when you wish you had some insight into what your animal was feeling or thinking. If your dog or cat could talk, here is what he would say.

I want to protect you.

You are the most important thing in your pet’s world. Your pet is going to claim you. Your dog may sit on your foot, or your cat may rub her chin on your leg. If another animal comes into your home, yours is going to act in defense of you, because he wants to protect you.

I feel anxious when you leave!

When you leave your pet for the day, you may notice some anxious behavior. This is because she is afraid you aren’t going to return. If separation anxiety symptoms are strong, you might need to get professional help. These are very real feelings that can lead to destructive behavior.

I can tell you aren’t feeling well.

Whether you are depressed or starting to get sick, your pet can sense it. Sometimes, they will even respond by giving you extra affection. You are not imagining this behavior. Pets really do want their owners to feel better.

Exercise is important!

If your dog is getting into mischief, it might be a lack of exercise. This, compounded with boredom, can create behavior problems with dogs. Make sure your pet is getting enough exercise.

Pets can’t talk to us, but if they could, they would have plenty to say. So take the time to look at life through your pet’s perspective. You just might be surprised at what you learn.

What Your Pet Would Say to You (If He Could Talk),

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