Your Cat Can Talk!Many pieces have been written about body language and dogs, but what about cats? Is there a way to tell what your cat is thinking based on her body language? The answer is yes.

The tail is the first thing to look at. If the cat is happy, then the tail will be up and flipping over the cat’s back or quivering at her feet when she jumps up in greeting. However, if that tail is twitching or swaying back and forth, then it indicates the cat is unhappy and potentially feeling aggressive. The more rapid that movement, the more aggression the cat is feeling.

Cats will also often rub their chins on their owners. This is how your cat marks her territory, in this case you. You may also notice your cat wrapping her tail around you. This is often done when asking for a treat, and it can be interpreted as a sign of affection.

Fear is another common emotion in cats. If you notice your pet’s tail pointing straight up in the air, then she is feeling threatened. Often the hair on her spine will also point up. This may be accompanied by hissing and a twitching tail. Stay away from a cat exhibiting this behavior.

Understanding your cat’s body language is the first step in establishing a good relationship with her. Take the time to pay attention to her body, and you will be surprised at just how much she is “saying” to you.

Ever Wonder What Your Cat Is Saying? Reading Body Language of Your Cat,

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