Introvert or Extrovert – Which Is Your Cat?


People who don’t understand cats will often say that cats don’t like people or are not social, yet as a cat owner you know this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Cats love their people, and show affection in their own unique ways, but what you may not realize is that cats can fall into the categories of “introvert” and “extrovert” just like people. Recognizing and embracing your cat’s complex personality will help you create a home environment that works for your pet and gives him the space he needs to recharge his batteries in his own unique way.



How can you determine whether your cat is an extrovert or introvert? Consider the way in which your cat spends his free time. Does he curl up out of sight, under the bed perhaps, and enjoy some alone time, or is he constantly n your lap, climbing across your computer screen and demanding some attention? The first cat is an introvert, and the second is an extrovert.


Once you know what your cat is, you need to consider how that affects your relationship. With an introvert, you need to provide the cat with alone time. Set aside some areas in the home where your cat can go to be alone. Stock these areas with water, food and a litter box, and leave your cat alone when he’s in them.


If you have an extrovert, set aside dedicated play time. If you don’t, your cat will get into mischief as he tries to gain your attention. The more attention you give, the healthier your cat’s emotions will be.


Remember, just like people, cats have different personalities. Take the time to get to know your cat’s personality, and you will be able to provide a nurturing, healthy environment or your beloved pet.




Your Cat’s Personality:Introvert or an Extrovert?,

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