Travelling with a Pet

the freedom to travel with your pet safely and comfortablyHaving the freedom to travel with your pet safely and comfortably is no longer a luxury reserved for the wealthy thanks to the growing number of pet friendly hotels and accommodation providers across North America. In fact, many travelers now plan their trips around their pets’ needs so the whole family can join in the holiday! As a result of the fast growing pet friendly segment of the travel market, pet guest standards are continually improving to ensure travelers bringing pets along will receive the same level of service that any other traveler would expect.

There are several factors to consider when traveling with a pet such as choosing the right pet friendly establishment that will cater to your furry friends, flying with a pet, international travel with a pet and general pet safety when traveling. Pets Can Stay offers a wide array of pet friendly travel resources to help make traveling with your pet as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Browse our travel resources pages for up to date information on international travel requirements for pets, pet friendly airline carriers, travel checklists, and articles featuring useful tips for overall pet safety and health.

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